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Standing Committee of the NATO PA adopted a statement on the attack of March 4th in the UK

Press release, 24 March 2018

Photo of the Office of the Seimas (author Olga Posaškova)


Following the briefing by the United Kingdom delegation about the use of a chemical weapon against the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury on 4 March 2018, the Standing Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly adopted a statement expressing its solidarity with the United Kingdom and condemning the brutal attack, the first offensive use of a nerve agent on Alliance territory and a clear violation of international agreements and laws.

The document expresses support for the actions taken by the Government of the United Kingdom, including for its cooperation with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Russia was called upon to cooperate with this organisation.

In her intervention on this issue, Rasa Juknevičienė, Head of the Seimas Delegation to the NATO PA, recalled that soon after the annexation of Crimea one of the colleagues from the delegation of the UK Parliament asked whether Lithuania felt safe. “I replied then that we all had to be afraid of the aggressive Russia, because the target of its demonstrated aggression was NATO as a whole and that the threat was not restricted to the Baltic region. Russia has used a chemical weapon, a weapon of mass destruction, within the territory of the United Kingdom. But at the same time, it launched a brain-destroying weapon of deceit. Its ultimate target was not only the former officer of the Russian Intelligence Service. It targeted the state and society with the objective to frighten and intimidate. Therefore, there is a need for a greater focus and adequate strategy for the containment of the Kremlin,” Ms Juknevičienė stressed.


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