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Online petition submission (e-petition):

  • Acceptance of petitions signed by electronic signature;
  • Monitoring of the progress of a petition and receiving notifications on changes in the progress;
  • Receiving a reply;
  • Commenting on submitted petitions.

Society participation in legislative process (e-legislation):

  • Registration of public legislative initiatives;
  • Acceptance of comments and proposals concerning:
    • Legal acts adopted and draft legal acts under discussion and elaboration;
    • Monitoring of legal regulation;
    • Registration of legislative initiatives;
  • Submission of remarks, proposals, and comments by authenticated users; evaluation of legal acts or draft legal acts by internet users with the statistics on evaluation provided.

Ordering of archival material:

  • Ordering of a copy of original archival material held in the Seimas Archive by external users;
  • Access to the information on the progress of order fulfilment.

Submission of elec tronic letter to the Seimas (e-letter to the Seimas):

  • Registration of applications submitted by e-letter on the website;
  • Access to the information on the progress of e-letter and to a reply;
  • Notification on the progress of e-letter and sending of a reply.

Competent user access

Additionally authorized users will have opportunities to classify draft legal acts under the features selected, sort out legal acts and their drafts according to the field of interest, write personal comments on single legal acts and their drafts, submit proposals on draft legal acts, and save search parameters and receive news according to them.

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