Remit of the Committee on the Budget and Finance  


Article 59 of the Satute of the Seimas. Remit of the Committee on the Budget and Finance

The remit of the Committee on the Budget and Finance shall be:

1) to consider the draft state budget of the Republic of Lithuania presented by the Government to the Seimas for approval and to submit a review of the conclusions of all the committees;

2) to exercise general and continuous control of the budgetary policy implementation and the state budget execution;

3) to prepare, together with other committees, conclusions regarding a national set of financial statements, a set of consolidated statements of the State;

4) to prepare drafts of laws and other legal acts and proposals regarding the budget and finance;

5) to prepare and present conclusions concerning the draft laws which affect the revenue and expenditure of the state budget;

6) to discuss and present conclusions and proposals regarding draft laws on taxes and special funds, the procedure of financing agencies and organisations maintained from the budget, their expenditure standards, the standards of the formation of municipal budgets, the budget allocations for the implementation of various programmes and for the maintenance of the Seimas and its staff;

7) to exercise parliamentary scrutiny of the use of State property and activities of the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Lithuania and to present proposals and recommendations relative thereto;

8) to consider the National Audit Office opinions submitted to the Seimas and/or the Seimas Committee on the Budget and Finance and, in conjunction with the Seimas Committee on Audit and other Seimas committees, to evaluate and, when necessary, to assist in implementing the recommendations of the National Audit Office presented in these opinions;

9) to put forward proposals on parliamentary assignments to the National Audit Office to perform public audit; 

10) to consider draft laws referred to the Committee, to prepare conclusions and to examine issues of financial accounting and accountability.

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