Remit of the Committee on Rural Affairs  


Article 62 of the Statute of the Seimas. Remit of the Committee on Rural Affairs

The remit of the Committee on Rural Affairs shall be:

1) to draft laws and other legal acts regulating the activities of agriculture and food industry and to present conclusions on the drafts referred to the Committee for consideration;

2) to draw up and consider proposals on the formation of Lithuania’s agricultural and rural policy, the setting of the fields of agricultural science and training, and the drafting of necessary legal acts;

3) to discuss and present conclusions concerning the draft laws and programmes submitted by the Government, items in the draft state budget pertaining to the issues of agriculture and food industry, and social problems of rural residents;

4) to carry out an examination of draft laws regulating Lithuania’s economy in terms of agricultural and rural policy and to submit recommendations and conclusions;

5) to exercise parliamentary scrutiny of agricultural and food industry institutions;

6) to coordinate the work of interested state institutions and other departments, agencies and organisations involved in rural affairs in the process of drafting laws regulating the activities of the agricultural and food industry sector.

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