Political Groups in the Seimas 


Political Groups, Mixed and Interim Groups of the Seimas Members

1. Seimas Members may form political groups according to the procedure established by this Statute for implementing their political goals. This Statute shall establish the rights of the political groups of the Seimas members.

2. A political group of the Seimas Members shall be headed and represented in the Seimas by its Elder or Deputy Elder; each Seimas Member authorised by a political group may speak out on behalf of the political group.

3. The Seimas Members who have not been registered with political groups shall be con­sidered members of one mixed group of the Seimas Members. The mixed group of the Seimas Membersshall be granted all of the rights of a political group provided for in this Statute.

4. The Seimas Members may form interim groups pursuant to the procedure established by this Statute.

Statute of the Seimas, Article 26.


Majority political groups

           Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrat Political Group – 43

           Liberal and Centre Union Political Group 11

           Liberals Movement Political Group – 11


Minority political groups

            Lithuanian Social Democratic Party Political Group – 23

            Order and Justice Political Group17

            Labour Party Political Group10 members

            Christian Party Political Group – 7

            Non-affiliated members – 17 members

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