Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas

Member of the Seimas 1996-2000

Liudvikas SABUTIS

Liudvikas SABUTIS*

Member of the Seimas from 11/25/1996 till 10/18/2000.

Personal E-mail: [email protected]

Was elected to the Supreme Council - Reconstituent Seimas 1990 - 1992.


Born on 1 February 1939, in Klaipėda into a large family.

Finished Kretinga secondary school, Šilutės school of Agriculture, worked in the forestry industry in Karelija, served in the Soviet Army. After returning to Lithuania worked as a driver.

In 1963-1970- executive of the Lithuanian Young Communist League and the Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party in Kretinga region.

In 1970 - investigator at the interregional Prosecutor's Office.

In 1973 - graduated from the Department of Law of Vilnius University, appointed to Ignalina region to work as a prosecutor.

In 1979-1982 - inspector of law and order at the Central Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party.

In 1982-1987 - first deputy prosecutor of the LSSR, later - Prosecutor of the Republic.

In 1989 - dismissed from the Prosecutor's Office for taking part in the activity of Sąjūdis and refusing to fulfil Moscow orders.

In spring of 1989 - at the initiative of Sąjūdis elected Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the LSSR.

In 1990-1992 - deputy of the Supreme Council - the Reconstituent Seimas.

In 1992 - worked at the Representation of the World Lithuanian Community in Vilnius.

In June 1993 - A lawyer at newspaper "Lietuvos aidas."

In 1995-1996 - worked as a Municipal Secretary of Vilnius city.

Does not belong to any party. Supporter of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives).

Member of the Lithuanian Sąjūdis Council, the Lithuanian Society of Lawyers.

Takes interest in the issues of state and public administration, ethics of communication, develops knowledge in the field of art, sports and health.

Speaks Russian .

Married. Has three children.

Member of the Seimas Delegation to the Baltic Assembly, Chairman of its Legal Committee.

Member of the Seimas Delegation to the Interparliamentary Union.

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with the Republic of France.

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with North European Countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden).

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with the Federal Republic of Germany.

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