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Member of the Seimas 1996-2000

Antanas Napoleonas STASIŠKIS

Antanas Napoleonas STASIŠKIS*

Member of the Seimas from 11/25/1996 till 10/18/2000.

Personal E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Was elected to the Seimas 1992 - 1996.


Born on 21 September 1933 in Utena district, into a family of farmers.

In 1948 , after his parents were deported to Siberia, was left on his own.

In 1951 finished Užpaliai secondary school.

Accused of the anti-Soviet activity.

In 1953 - sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. Served his sentence in the Gulag of the USSAR - Šekšna, Vorkuta and Taishet camps.

In 1956 - was repeatedly sentenced for participating in a secret anti-Soviet organisation.

In 1960 - returned to Lithuania. Worked as a grinder, engineer-technologist at Vilnius Computing Machine Plant and as a technologist at Vilnius Experimental technology Equipment Plant.

In 1968 - graduated from the evening Department of Physics of Vilnius University and acquired the specialisation of an engineer of semiconductor physics.

In 1972 - a chief engineer of designs at the Institute of Complex Designing “Lietstaklių projektas”.

In 1988 elected Chairman of the initiative Sąjūdis group.

In 1990 - Vice Chairman of the Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners, in 1992 -ts Chairman.

Chairman of the Lithuanian Community of Political Prisoners and Deportees since 1994.

In 1993 was a member of the initiative group to found the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives), drew up the outline of its program, later - the program. Elected Vice Chairman of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives) at its Constituent Conference.

In 1992 elected to the Seimas according to the list of the Sąjūdis coalition. Former Chairman of the Sąjūdis Faction. Worked in the National Security Committee.

In 1995 was given the present of scientists and artists for merits to the Lithuanian State and nation.

Speaks the Russian language.


Member of the Seimas Delegation to the Interparliamentary Union.

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with Tibet.

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with North European Countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden).


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