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Public relations

The Public Relations Unit of the Information and Communication Department is responsible for maintaining public relations between the Seimas and Lithuanian public authorities, municipalities, diplomatic representations, non-governmental organisations, interested public agencies, and producers and disseminators of public information. It provides services to the bodies mentioned above and provides them with information about the activities of the Seimas, its Members, and the Office of the Seimas. Media representatives are accredited under the Description of the Procedure of Accreditation of Representatives of Public Information Producers and/or Disseminators to the Office of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.

The staff of the Unit edit and generate the content of the Seimas’ website on, as well as upload historical and recent information about the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania in Lithuanian, English, and French and, if needed, in other languages too.

Official guests and organised visitors are taken on guided tours of the buildings of the Seimas where they can learn about the history of the Lithuanian parliamentarianism, the functions and the role of the Seimas in the Lithuanian state.

The Public Relations Unit is also responsible for planning, designing and coordinating the preparation, publication and distribution of publications about the Seimas and its structural units.

A weekly TV programme Seimo savaitė (Eng. Seimas’ Week), designed to overview the most important parliamentary events of the week, is broadcast on the television channel Seimas – tiesiogiai (Eng. Seimas live).

Lithuanian Parliamentary Mirror, an illustrated periodical journal in English, which has been published since 1997, represents the Seimas abroad. Since 2012, the printed version of the journal has been replaced by its electronic version – a newsletter intended for foreign diplomatic representations, international organisations, national parliaments, and the media.

The Public Relations Unit organises and coordinates exhibitions and presentation events in the Parliament Gallery and other exhibition venues available in the buildings of the Seimas, as well as exhibitions representing the Seimas abroad.


Questions may be submitted every working day by telephone +370 5 239 6666 or e-mail: [email protected]

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