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Members of the Seimas

Naglis Puteikis
Naglis Puteikis
Seimas 2016-2020
Member of the Seimas from 11/14/2016
till 11/13/2020
Nominated by: Lietuvos centro partija, išsikėlė pats
Elected: Danės (No: 23) in the electoral constituency
Position Position
Biography Biography

Committees of the Seimas

11/22/2016 - 11/13/2020Committee on Audit, Deputy Chair
11/16/2016 - 11/21/2016Committee on Audit, Member

Commissions of the Seimas

10/10/2018 - 11/13/2020Commission for the Rights of People with Disabilities, Member
10/01/2019 - 11/13/2020Anticorruption Commission, Member
01/16/2019 - 09/30/2019Commission for Energy and Sustainable Development, Member
11/22/2016 - 05/15/2019Anticorruption Commission, Member
11/22/2016 - 01/15/2019Commission for Energy and Sustainable Development, Member
11/22/2016 - 12/14/2016Constitutional Commission, Member

Political groups of the Seimas

07/11/2019 - 11/13/2020Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union Political Group, Member
02/12/2019 - 07/10/2019Non-attached Members, Member
11/14/2016 - 02/11/2019Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union Political Group, Member
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Date of birth

2 September 1964

Place of birth

Vilnius, Lithuania








Diploma of Historian, Faculty of History, Vilnius University


Secondary School No 15 in Vilnius (currently Žvėrynas Gymnasium)



Work experience




2006–2007, 2008–2011

Head, Klaipėda Territorial Division, Cultural Heritage Department under the Ministry of Culture


Secretary-Assistant to Evaldas Jurkevičius, Member of the Seimas


Secretary-Assistant to Emanuelis Zingeris, Member of the Seimas


Director, private company UAB Klevo takas


Director, public company AB Klaipėdos laivų remontas


National Commission for Monument Protection; Director, Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Vice-Minister of Culture


Coordinator of Social Programmes, Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania


Director General, Inspectorate of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Lithuania


Senior Archaeologist, Inspector, Inspectorate of Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments, Vilnius City Executive Committee



Political career





Joining the Lithuanian Centre Party together with co-founders of the Party of Non-taxable Income Increase; Chair of the Lithuanian Centre Party elected at its congress on 28 May 2016

15 Feb. 2014

Leaving of the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats in protest to its undemocratic policies ignoring values


Independent candidate in the presidential elections winning the fourth place with 9.3 % or 124,000 votes


Member of the 11th Seimas


Member, Committee on Audit

26 Jul. 2011–16 Nov. 2012

Member of the 10th Seimas


Member, Committee on Audit


Member, Anticorruption Commission


Member, Commission for Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Addiction


Member, Klaipėda City Municipal Council

4 Feb. 1997–24 Apr. 1997

Member of the 7th Seimas


Member, Committee on Budget and Finance


Member of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives), currently Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats







Service in the Soviet Army (1983–1985); forced participation (1984–1985) in the USSR–Afghanistan war (1979–1989), Sergeant

Co-founder, NGOs for monument protection Talka and Youth Club

Membership: Afghanistan war veterans’ organisation Miražas in Klaipėda; Society of the Lithuanian Archaeology; Riflemen’s Union in Šiauliai





Married with two children

Seat at plenary chamber Seat at plenary chamber