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Members of the Seimas

Tadas Langaitis
Tadas Langaitis
Seimas 2016-2020
Member of the Seimas from 11/14/2016
till 02/28/2018
Nominated by: Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats
Elected: By list
Position Position
Biography Biography

Committees of the Seimas

11/16/2016 - 02/28/2018Committee on Economics, Member


12/27/2016 - 02/28/2018Subcommittee on High Technology, Innovation and Digital Economy, Chair

Political groups of the Seimas

11/14/2016 - 02/28/2018Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrat Political Group, Member
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Date of birth

7 July 1977

Place of birth

Kaunas, Lithuania








Certificate of Chartered Financial Analyst (supreme financial analyst certificate), CFA Institute


BA in Economics and Management, Stockholm School of Economics


Saulė Gymnasium in Kaunas



Work experience





Financial Director in charge of international business development,  Webmedia Group CFO


Founder, IT company Webmedia Group (currently Nortal) in Estonia


Junior Partner, Investment bank LHV


Head of Unit, Lithuanian Branch, Investment Banking Division Hansabank Group, Hansabank Markets

From 1997

Sectors of investment banking, venture capital, technology start-ups; founder and funder of a wide range of technologies and media businesses in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia; manager of IT companies in several countries



Political career



Member, Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats


Head, Election Headquarters, Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats

Since 2015

Member,  Supervisory Committee; Member, Council, Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats

Since 2014

Member, Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats







Activities: employment in Hansabank Markets, headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia; founder, Hansabank Group (currently Swedbank), investment banking branch in Lithuania; co-founder, investment bank LHV; founder, New Economy Ventures, the first venture capital fund in the Baltic States; investor, innovative technology businesses and start-ups in the Baltic States; sevenfold return on investment to investors; founder, Webmedia (in 2000), the largest IT services company in Estonia in 2005, with over 300 employees in 7 countries by 2008; co-employer, over 500 well–paid jobs

Engagement: Founder, Chair of the Board, Charity organisation Geros valios projektai (2008–2015); Member of the Boards and financial supporter of a range of NGOs, including Save the Children, Renkuosi mokyti, Kurk Lietuvai, Kuriame Respubliką (2008–2014); initiator, civil awareness movement Baltosios pirštinės for transparent elections (2012–2014)

Membership: Commission on Judicial Ethics and Discipline (2013–2014); National Progress Council; co-author, national progress strategy Lithuania 2030; commission for the improvement of public governance Saulėlydžio komisija (2011–2012); Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union

Awards: Medal of the Order for Merits to Lithuania; Award for Supporting Police

Foreign languages: English, Russian, Spanish

Hobbies: mountain cycling, sport kiting, snowboarding, cinema criticism, e-democracy





Married with two children

Seat at plenary chamber Seat at plenary chamber