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Seimas legalised home-schooling

Press release, 4 December 2019


The amendments to the Law on Education adopted by the Seimas (Draft No XIIIP-3329(2)) have legalised home-schooling starting from 1 June 2020. This was supported by 75 Members of the Seimas, none voted against and 7 MPs abstained.


It is established that a child may, at his/her own request and at the request of his/her parents (guardians, curators), be educated in a family based on the curriculum of pre-primary, primary, basic and secondary education. If home-schooling is chosen, the parents (guardians, curators) of a child under the age of 14 or between the ages of 14 and 18 and the chosen school conclude a training contract. Home-schooling education shall be equivalent to the one received at school.


Before entering into a contract for home-schooling, the school, with the help of the necessary specialists, shall assess the conditions of home-schooling, and the degree of maturity and knowledge of the child.


It is also established that such pupils will be periodically assessed by the school with which the training contract has been concluded, providing them with advice and training material. The school will also check the education progress and achievements, and the pupils’ need for socialisation.


The procedure for implementing home-schooling will be laid down by the Government or an institution authorised by it.



Saulė Eglė Trembo, Chief Specialist, Press Office, Information and Communication Department,

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   Monika Kutkaitytė