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12th Seimas (2016–2020)

Speaker of the Seimas met the Speaker of the US House of Representatives

Press release, 20 September 2022 

Photo by Olga Posaškova, Office of the Seimas


On 20 September 2022, Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Speaker of the Seimas, met with Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. The meeting in Washington D.C. focussed on comprehensive support to Ukraine, sanctions against Russia, strengthening the NATO’s Eastern flank, and strategic partnership between Lithuania and the US.    


‘US leadership and a strong transatlantic partnership are crucial for ensuring security in Europe at this time critical for the world order. Our common future is now being decided in Ukraine. The external forces are trying to destabilise NATO and the EU. It is therefore essential to continue to fully assist Ukraine, stop Russian aggression, strengthen the NATO’s Eastern flank, increase energy independence, and support other democracies around the world, including Taiwan. However, in the race for strategic patience with Russia, we must remain united and resolute, and work even harder to defend what is the most precious for us, namely, freedom, democracy, and values. Lithuania stands ready to work together with its strategic partner, the United States, for a better future,’ said Ms Čmilytė-Nielsen to summarise the meeting.


In her conversation with Ms Pelosi, the Speaker of the Seimas underlined that Russia was and would remain a long-term threat to the Baltic region. The only effective deterrent against Russia is permanent US presence in the Baltic States and the strengthening of the Eastern flank of the Alliance.   


‘We very much appreciate the US security assistance and the decision to enhance the US presence in the region. Lithuania is interested in hosting and ready to host more American troops, as well as to provide the necessary infrastructure and other support to NATO,’ said Ms Čmilytė-Nielsen.


At the meeting, the Speaker of the Seimas highlighted the capacity-building cooperation under the Baltic Security Initiative. ‘The Initiative entails long-term support to help plan military modernisation in the medium and longer term and absorb the assistance more effectively. I told the Speaker of the US House of Representatives about our hopes that the US would continue to support this Initiative in the coming years, and hence I asked the US Congress to allocate $250 million worth of support to this end,’ said Ms Čmilytė-Nielsen.

Photo by Olga Posaškova, Office of the Seimas


The Schedule of the Speaker of the Seimas for 20 September also includes meetings with Senator Richard Joseph Durbin and other United States Senators. In the evening, Ms Čmilytė-Nielsen is scheduled to leave for New York to attend the events and meetings at the United Nations and visit the local Lithuanian community.     



Ilona Petrovė, Spokesperson for Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Speaker of the Seimas, tel.+ 370  5 239 6030, mob. + 370 698 42071, e-mail: [email protected],

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