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Committee for the Future

World Summit of the Committees of the Future, Helsinki, 12–13 October, 2022

Press release, 19 September 2022


Parliaments will jointly model the future of the world


Parliaments around the world must work together in achieving peace and a balance between the wellbeing of the people and that of the planet, reads the Statement of the first World Summit of the Committees of the Future, held in Helsinki on 12–13 October. Phenomena driving the future development of countries are often transnational and no single country’s legislature is in a position to change them. Parliaments around the world therefore need to develop common future-oriented agendas and share their experience to ensure that each country’s laws and strategic decisions contribute to their implementation.

The delegation of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, consisting of Prof. Raimundas Lopata, Chair of the Seimas Committee for the Future; Lukas Savickas, Deputy Chair of the Committee; and Monika Ošmianskienė, Member of the Committee, invited the participants of the Summit to a parliamentary conference entitled the Future of the World. It will be held in Vilnius on 12–14 May 2023. The conference will address the most pressing geopolitical, social, ecological and technological issues related to the future of the world.

The Summit was organised by the Committee for the Future of the Finnish Parliament and was attended by delegations from the parliaments of Austria, Canada, Chile, Chile, Estonia, Iceland, Poland, Paraguay, Thailand, the Philippines, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

The next World Summit of the Committees of the Future is scheduled to take place in Uruguay in October 2023.

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       Aušra Januškevičiūtė