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NATO PA Political Committee: the current Russian regime must be clearly identified as the main source of threats

Press release, 28 May 2022


Brendan Francis Boyle, Chairperson of the Political Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA), presented the draft general report ‘NATO’s political and security adaptation in response to Russia’s war: rethinking the strategic concept’ prepared by Tomas Valasek, General Rapporteur from Slovakia, who was unable to attend the meeting.

Photo by Džoja Gunda Barysaitė, Office of the Seimas


The Chairperson of the Committee informed that the draft report addressed five themes that should be at the heart of the next NATO Strategic Concept currently under preparation: 1) being an Alliance of democracies; 2) reinforcing NATO's military power because of Russia's war in Ukraine, in a context of a complete change in the geo-political situation (upgrading ‘forward presence’ to ‘forward defence’); 3) strengthening NATO’s resilience to threats (cyber- and hybrid attacks, disinformation, pandemics, climate change); 4) bolstering partnership (we need to clarify our cooperation with the European Union, to create the basis for a more stable transatlantic relationship, to see partnership as a cost-effective way to contribute to global security); 5) strengthening NATO as a unified political institution.


The document underlines that faced with the greatest security crisis on the European continent since the end of WW2, NATO needs to recalibrate itself, and do it urgently. The drafting of the new Strategic Concept takes place during a unique window of opportunity: the Allied unity is extraordinary, the threat perception is shared, and the political will to adequately invest in defence is palpable.


It argues that the Alliance must focus on what it does best – providing the protection of its members against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, conventional and hybrid attacks.


The draft report also states that the current Russian regime must be clearly identified as the main source of these threats at present and NATO cannot and should not compromise on potential accession to NATO of eligible democratic nations, if their societies willingly choose Euro-Atlantic integration and meet membership requirements.


As regards NATO’s relations with China, it is noted that the Alliance must be prepared to engage in rules-based competition with China, while maintaining dialogue with it wherever possible, particularly on arms control.


The next meeting of the Political Committee will take place in Madrid on 18–21 November 2022.


Jolanta Anskaitienė, Adviser, Press Office, Information and Communication Department, tel. +370 5 239 6508, e-mail: [email protected]

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   Monika Kutkaitytė