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Seimas adopted a Resolution on the long-term guidelines and continuity of Lithuania’s foreign and European policy

Press release, 10 December 2020


Having embarked on its new legislative term and with a view to continuing the tradition of agreement on the key priorities of foreign and European policy, the Seimas adopted a Resolution on the long-term guidelines and continuity of Lithuania’s foreign and European policy.


‘The Resolution focuses on values that we all share, that we share with other European Union Member States and the transatlantic family, and that we defend. I wish to note that in the Resolution, we propose to defend them, first of all, by employing the power of the European Institutions, which possess sufficient instruments,’ stressed Žygimantas Pavilionis, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, when presenting the document.    


According to Mr Pavilionis, the Resolution repeatedly underlines that we need a strong EU and that we want to belong to the core of the EU, which however, does not mean that we will leave our national interests undefended. ‘While at the core, rather than in the margins, we will be able to better defend our interests. We will build coalitions, mobilise our efforts in the name of our interests and do our utmost to prevent this enhanced cooperation from being exclusive and ensure that it is equitable and that all other countries can join it,’ stressed the Chair of the Committee.


The adopted Resolution underlines that the agreed EU action on foreign policy should primarily focus on strengthening and developing democracy, both in the EU’s neighbourhood and around the world. The Seimas supports strengthening of global commitments and instruments on democracy and believes that the EU’s global role should grow as a result of not only simplifying decision-making but also enhancing a common approach on foreign and security policy of the Member States, focussing first on the EU’s Eastern neighbourhood countries. 


‘Our European policy includes not only the fight against the pandemic, which undoubtedly is a priority, but also a range of structural reforms related to green and digital policies, innovation policy, social policy, cohesion, and convergence. However, to those of us who are engaged in foreign policy, democracy and development cooperation are certainly also very important. They serve as crucial instruments to us living on the border of freedom,’ said Mr Pavilionis. 


The Seimas believes that the EU enlargement should take place according to the accession criteria set out in the Treaties and considers the Western Balkans to be a successful example of the EU enlargement, which should further inspire the European integration processes in other regions, including the Eastern Partnership region. The Lithuanian Parliament will seek that, during the Polish and Lithuanian Presidencies of the Council of the EU in 2025 and 2027, the associated EU Eastern Partnership countries (Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine) be granted the status of EU candidate countries and the EU accession negotiations be launched. Moreover, the Seimas is of the firm opinion that every effort must be made to ensure that free and democratic elections are held in Belarus as soon as possible, that the EU provides all necessary political and financial assistance for democratic and economic reforms in Belarus, and that after such elections and at the request of the people of Belarus, elimination of obstacles to the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital is enabled.  


The Seimas Resolution (draft No XIIIP-98) thereon was adopted by 112 votes in favour with 3 abstentions.



Rimas Rudaitis, Chief Specialist, Press Office, Information and Communication Department, tel. +370 5 239 6132, e-mail: [email protected]


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   Monika Kutkaitytė