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Members of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs met with Pau Marí-Klose, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Spanish Congress of Deputies

Press release, 7 September 2022

Photo by Viktorija Chorna, Office of the Seimas


On 6 September 2022, Pau Marí-Klose, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress of Deputies of the Kingdom of Spain, visited the Seimas at the invitation of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and met with the Members of the Committee.


Laima Liucija Andrikienė, Chair of the Seimas Committee, reminded the participants that the visit was taking place in the context of the centenary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. She also welcomed the decisions of the NATO Summit in Madrid, noting the need for their implementation without any delay. Ms Andrikienė also noted that Ukraine should be the top priority of foreign and security policy.


The meeting participants discussed in detail issues associated with support to Ukraine. Mr Marí-Klose emphasised Lithuania’s active leadership on the matter and stressed the importance of unity of all European countries and the international community in helping Ukraine in its fight waged not only for the freedom of Ukraine, but also for the whole of Europe.


‘Unity is our key weapon in the fight for the victory of Ukraine,’ said the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Spanish Congress of Deputies.


The guest emphasised that Spain would recognize neither the results of the illegal referendums to be held on the Ukrainian territories temporarily controlled by the Russian armed forces nor the passports issued by the Russian Federation to Ukrainian residents there.

Photos by Viktorija Chorna, Office of the Seimas


The meeting also included an exchange of views on the most pressing challenges in the eastern and southern neighbourhood of Europe, new initiatives on sanctions against Russia and Belarus, decisions of the NATO Summit in Madrid, the policy of the European Union on China, migration, and other matters.


‘Spain understands the challenges we face as a result of the hybrid attacks still continued by the Lukashenko regime through the use of illegal migrants. The country also recognises that the European Union policy needs changes in order to overcome the challenges of illegal migration,’ Ms Andrikienė noted.


While speaking at the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Lithuania, Ms Andrikienė emphasised the important role of the Kingdom of Spain in the history of the development of bilateral relations between the two countries and reminded the audience that Spain was one of the few countries that never recognised Lithuania’s incorporation into the Soviet Union. Ms Andrikienė, signatory to the 11 March Act of Independence of Lithuania, said, ‘You are a brave country! Thank you, Spain!’


Laura Plyniuvienė, Adviser, Office of the Committee on Foreign Affairs,

tel. +370 5 239 6802, e-mail [email protected]

   Last updated on 09/08/2022 11:43
   Monika Kutkaitytė