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The 42th Session of the Baltic Assembly: ‘After taking over the Presidency from Estonia, Lithuania will continue to seek cooperation for enhancing security and resilience in the region’

Press release, 24 November 2023 


At the 42nd Session of the Baltic Assembly and the 29th Baltic Council held in Tallinn on 23–24 November 2023, parliamentarians of the Baltic States discussed the results of the Estonian Presidency of the Baltic Assembly, the ways of joining forces to make the region more resilient to economic and energy market pressures, as well as effective and consistent regional civil defence and its organisation in close consultation and coordination among of the Baltic States.


As regards the geopolitical situation in the region, it was emphasised that Russia remained the most serious and direct threat to Euro-Atlantic security as well as the rules and principles underpinning the rule-based international order while being responsible for the war of aggression against Ukraine. The war has severely undermined Euro-Atlantic and global security and Russia must be held to account for this. The participants in the Session of the Baltic Assembly agree that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine must be met with a legal response at the international level: abduction, detention, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment of civilians, sexual violence and mass murder must not and will neither be tolerated nor forgotten. The crimes against humanity, war crimes and violations of human rights committed by the Russian armed forces must be documented and the perpetrators of these crimes must be brought to justice.


The Baltic States remain determined and committed to supporting Ukraine until its victory.

Photo by Ilona Šilenkova, Office of the Seimas


Andrius Kupčinskas, Head of the Seimas Delegation to the Baltic Assembly, noted that Lithuania would take over the Presidency of the Baltic Assembly while Europe continues to face a devastating war in Ukraine. ‘Strong, united and consistent international cooperation is crucial for peace and security in the region. In the face of new geopolitical reality in Europe, the Baltic States have been firmly resisting and will resist the Russian aggression, have been supporting and will support Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership countries. We will seek to enhance the resilience of the Baltic States in defending democratic values, human rights and fundamental freedoms both within and outside the Baltic States.


Security cooperation is undoubtedly one of the key priorities of the Baltic region; therefore, we will continue to insist on strengthening and intensifying cooperation between the Baltic States in the field of civil and military defence. We will also focus on the protection of critical infrastructure and deepen discussions on challenges to military mobility,’ said the Head of the Seimas Delegation.


Presenting the priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Baltic Assembly, Mr Kupčinskas pointed out that connectivity, innovation and sustainability were crucial for the region. There are plans to further improve existing solutions and find new solutions to common challenges in the areas of regional connectivity, smart growth and sustainable development. ‘We will seek to eliminate the gaps in transport connections and closely monitor the progress of the implementation of the Rail Baltica project. It is also necessary to discuss the ways of promoting innovative and connected business environment and mitigating the impact of climate change in the Baltic States. Of course, it is important to continue cooperating and exchanging information on social issues, because unity, reciprocal support and consistency are key against the backdrop of regional and global challenges. The Baltic Assembly will also address issues in the fields of education, science, culture, healthcare and welfare.’

Photo by Ilona Šilenkova, Office of the Seimas


The events of the 42nd Session of the Baltic Assembly and the 29th Baltic Council were attended by Andrius Mazuronis, Deputy Speaker of the Seimas; Andrius Kupčinskas, Head of the Seimas Delegation to the Baltic Assembly; Vytautas Juozapaitis, Chair of the Seimas Committee on Culture; and Lithuanian Delegation Members Ligita Girskienė, Orinta Leiputė, Kęstutis Masiulis, Audrius Petrošius, Linas Slušnys, Romualdas Vaitkus, Valdemaras Valkiūnas, Juozas Varžgalys and Antanas Vinkus.


Next year, the Baltic States will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Baltic Way. On this special occasion, it is planned once again to highlighting the role of Baltic unity and solidarity shown in 1989. The incoming Lithuanian Presidency will also seek to advance the cooperation with the Baltic Council of Ministers. It is noted that a balanced and active partnership between legislative and executive bodies is a powerful driver of security and development of the Baltic States. Cooperation with the Benelux, Nordic, GUAM and Visegrad countries will continue with a view to making it even more robust.


Renata Godfrey, Adviser, International Relations Unit, Office of the Seimas, tel. +370 5 239 6224, e-mail: [email protected]



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   Monika Kutkaitytė