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The NATO PA unanimously adopted the Declaration on ‘Standing with Ukraine’ calling for moving to a ‘forward defence’ posture, including the permanent deployment of a significant number of troops and equipment along NATO’s Eastern flank

Press release, 30 May 2022


At the Plenary Sitting at the end of its Spring Session, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) adopted the Declaration on Standing with Ukraine.


Herein the NATO PA condemns, without reservation, Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine, reaffirms the unwavering support for Ukraine’s democracy, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and emphatically rejects Russia’s efforts to legitimise the illegal occupation and annexation of territory through illegitimate referenda and elections. Note is taken that Putin’s war of choice against Ukraine, unacceptable aggressive rhetoric against and ultimatums to NATO Allies and partners – including the implicit threat of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear escalation – confirm that Russia’s actions represent today the gravest security threat to Europe’s security and fit into a pattern of systematic attempts to undermine the rules-based international order. The mentioned steps mark a turning point in geopolitics and create a new strategic reality which NATO Allies and partners must adjust to immediately and for the long term.


Reassuringly, the NATO PA has approved the important proposals (in bold) by the Seimas Delegation to include, in the text of the Declaration, more specific and significant provisions for support to Ukraine.


The NATO PA urges member governments and parliaments of the North Atlantic Alliance:

- to maintain and increase sanctions for however long it takes until Russia reverses its illegal actions and withdraws all of its troops from all Ukraine’s territory within its internationally recognised borders;

- to increase substantially the level of intelligence sharing and the supply of military equipment, particularly anti-aircraft, artillery, ammunition, anti-missile, and anti-ship systems, which Ukraine urgently needs to defend itself against Russian aggression;

- to agree on the next steps in support of Ukraine’s NATO integration path;

- to confirm that Ukraine itself decides on its future and that no decision will be taken without the participation of Ukraine;

- to demand that Russia unblocks exit routes for Ukrainian grain exports to avoid further devastating consequences on global food security;

- to support the initiatives aimed at establishing accountability of the Russian Federation under international law, international human rights law and international criminal law, notably the investigations launched by the International Criminal Court and the European Union Member States, as well as the establishment of a special ad hoc international criminal tribunal;

- to hold the Belarusian dictatorship accountable for its support of and role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and to maintain economic sanctions against the Belarusian regime;

- to continue making it very clear to Russia that, with full respect for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, the international community will never recognise the illegal and illegitimate occupation and annexation of Crimea, the ‘independence’ of the so-called Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics and Russia’s occupation of Ukraine’s territorial waters nor any attempt by Russia to create illegitimate alternative administrative structures in Ukraine;

- to continue to press Russia to engage constructively in credible talks with Ukraine, starting with a sustainable ceasefire and a complete withdrawal of its troops from Ukrainian territory;

- to continue seeking ways to engage with Russian civil society by supporting all initiatives aimed at resisting the Kremlin’s aggressive policies;

- to swiftly move to a ‘forward defence’ posture, including the permanent deployment of a significant number of troops and equipment along NATO’s eastern flank, ensuring the capability and readiness to defend every inch of NATO territory;

- in the revised NATO Strategic Concept, to clearly identify Russia’s revisionism and aggressive actions as the most immediate and principal threat to Euro-Atlantic security and respond by moving to ‘forward defence’, adjusting adequately NATO’s posture, NATO’s defence plans, especially on the front line of NATO’s eastern flank. 


The official text of the Declaration in English.


Jolanta Anskaitienė, Adviser, Press Office, Information and Communication Department, tel. +370 5 239 6508, e-mail: [email protected]

   Last updated on 05/31/2022 16:27
   Monika Kutkaitytė