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12th Seimas (2016–2020)

Speaker of the Seimas: ‘It is currently important to maintain strategic patience’

Press release, 5 September 2022 

Photo by Olga Posaškova, Office of the Seimas


Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Speaker of the Seimas, met with Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. At the meeting, the Speaker stressed that, in the current context, regional cooperation, including the cooperation of the three Baltic States and Benelux countries, was strategically important. In her opinion, the cooperation should stem from the principle of ‘one for all and all for one’ and be complemented with strategic patience of the partner countries and continued provision of comprehensive support to Ukraine.


‘Russia will try to break us down in the strategic patience race. Therefore, it is very important not to give up. We must stop funding the aggressor’s war machine, confidently implement the sanctions in place and make the necessary decisions to become independent from the Russian energy,’ Ms Čmilytė-Nielsen said. 


At the meeting, the Speaker of the Seimas repeatedly pointed out that Russia’s unprovoked war was not just a war against Ukraine. This is a war against the entire democratic world. Europe must therefore continue acting and help Ukraine win the war.


‘The granting of the status of a European Union candidate country to Ukraine is a very important sign of our support. Lithuania provides expert assistance with the view to starting the accession negotiations with Ukraine as soon as possible. Furthermore, EU and NATO allies must continue providing long-term military, financial and humanitarian support. The historic NATO Summit in Madrid, which highlighted the unity of the alliance, is very encouraging. All we need now is to implement the key solutions including enhanced deterrence and defence posture as well as transition to modern defence on the eastern flank. I am confident that we will achieve this by the NATO Summit in Vilnius next year,’ Ms Čmilytė-Nielsen said.


According to the Speaker of the Seimas, for the purposes of regional security, Lithuania will also ensure sufficient defence spending as well as invest in the necessary infrastructure and host nation support package for the deployed allied troops.


Ilona Petrovė, Spokesperson for Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Speaker of the Seimas, tel. +370 5 239 6030, mob. + 370 698 42071, e-mail: [email protected],



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   Monika Kutkaitytė